Data at Speed and Scale (DASS)

Over Leading Path’s years of building faster and higher capacity applications, networks and data services, we encountered a watershed moment where the data storage architecture became the limiting factor in applications for many of our customers. We have created several application design patterns and data storage architectures using this experience to deliver a robust data storage mechanism, providing horizontal scalability, low latency, high throughput, monitoring and application flexibility that meets our customers’ needs.

Data Storage Technologies

The greater the speed of your data and the greater the scale of your data, the more complex and specific your techniques for handling that data become. In today’s world, your technology stack has many layers, each of which must be purposefully designed and built when you have data at speed and scale. Simply, the data sets are not able to be reasonably processed with legacy data processing platforms.

These are the following modern technologies that we support and should be considered if data speed and scale are of concern to you:

Acquiring a lot of data does not automatically mean there will be a higher value to your organization. Data at scale can be beneficial to an organization, but only when the noise has been eliminated and multifaceted correlation has been applied to unmask the in-depth information hidden in that data. Only then can data be efficiently used to make better decisions for acquiring, retaining, growing and managing the relationships your business is built upon.

From infrastructure to data platforms to application development to security to the DevOps to bring it all together, Leading Path’s DASS team is here to make you successful.


Our Technology Partnerships

Redis Partnership

Partnered with Redis, Leading Path offers solutions in Technology, Application Development, Data Engineering, Data Science, Cloud Native Architecture, and on-prem solutions, striving to push the boundaries of what’s possible and achieve uncommon results. Leading Path serves private, public and governmental organizations bringing them forward with our learnings to benefit all.

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