Welcome to Leading Path’s Data at Speed and Scale (DASS) built with Redis

We have combined our years of enterprise consulting experience focused on building faster and higher capacity applications, networks and data services with Redis via their Redis Partner program to help our customers achieve the best results from their Redis investments. In this data-driven world, the network is no longer the primary factor in driving a subpar user experience. Storing, managing and retrieving rapidly increasing volumes of data requires more than just adding additional compute, memory and storage to your RDBMS platform. It requires rethinking people, infrastructure, applications and data paradigms and exploring new technologies, particularly NoSQL for data storage. But after decades of relational database utilization, the transformation to a new approach is not easy. And that is where we can help. If you are thinking about or have attempted to remodel your business’s technology ecosystem and have questions, please read on to explore answers to problems that you might be encountering or equip yourself for issues that you may not have even thought about. We have solutions of all sizes for low latency, high throughput, flexible and resilient systems that meet our customers’ needs.

Redis Infograhic

Infrastructure Planning and Value Assessments

When the rate of change of enterprise technology components and strategies is combined with siloed project delivery of infrastructure over time, there is often little awareness of asset value and continued return on investment. The DASS team can provide an honest and actionable assessment of your current data platform to reduce business risk and deliver stakeholder value.

Performance Tuning

A low latency, high-concurrency application depends upon a performant data platform. Tuning a NoSQL database is very different from tuning an RDBMS database. Caching, sharding, replication, indexing, hardware performance and network latency to list a few items all must be considered. We are experienced at achieving the sub-millisecond performance you are looking for.

Data Migration

(SQL > No-SQL) This activity can be a show-stopper for many wanting to move to a modern data platform. Understanding the data, understanding the data access patterns and educating the development and operations staff are challenging. Leading Path can assist you in the necessary application modifications, staff training, testing and monitoring to pull off a successful migration.


We like to call it site reliability engineering and it requires thoughtful architecture at all layers of the technical stack. And proactively knowing the health of all those layers along with the health of the end-to-end transaction is critical to achieving a resilient system. And when it breaks, a rapid recovery strategy completes the fully resilient system. The DASS team is ready to assist you in achieving your resiliency goals.

Data Persistence/Replication

One of the key detractors from adopting a NoSQL solution is data persistence. A Redis Enterprise-based solution offers two persistence strategies or a combination of the two. There are also message bus strategies available for additional persistence options. Let Leading Path discuss these options with you to select the best one for your business.

Application Development

The application layer must be adapted to the data at speed and scale NoSQL data platform. From legacy application life extension (i.e.; caching) to greenfield development to existing application remodeling, the Leading Path DASS team’s enterprise application development expertise is here to complete your experience.


While Redis offers basic training for application development and Redis Enterprise administration, Leading Path builds upon that training to enable your staff to become fully competent data at speed and scale developers and administrators. And to keep up with technology advances throughout the technology stack, we also offer an annual refresher / new feature review.


At Leading Path, our team brings decades of DevOps expertise to streamline deployment processes for your Redis databases. Our engineers specialize in integrating Redis databases into the wider DevOps pipeline, ensuring seamless collaboration and efficiency within your workflow. By leveraging DevOps best practices, we facilitate continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) for Redis databases, enabling rapid deployment of smaller, lower risk releases.

The most powerful and flexible Database for all kinds of businesses

NoSQL is a modern data persistence storage paradigm that provides data persistence for environments where high performance is a primary requirement. Within NoSQL, data is stored in such a way as to make both writing and reading quite fast, even under heavy load. Redis and Redis Enterprise are market-leading, multi-model NoSQL databases that bring NoSQL to organizations both big and small. Redis is open source, and Redis Enterprise software adds several enhancements that are important to the enterprise customer. Redis Enterprise Cloud enables Redis Enterprise deployments on popular cloud providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure

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