What are Rebates

Rebates are an effective tool used by issuers to incentivize customers to spend and compete within the commercial card environment. The Rebate, also referred to as revenue sharing, is a monetary payment to the client by the issuer.

Rebates take many forms, including sign on bonuses, early pay incentives and tiered rebates, where the amount of the rebate depends on a specific monetary spend achieved by the commercial card customers. The tracking, issuance, accounting, and audibility of Rebates is essential to a successful commercial card program. Payment tracking is also critical, ensuring that clients are paid on time, backed by a full audit trail of the basis for the payment. Additionally, the rebate system is also a source of spend information and is also useful to sales and customer relationship organizations as well, to better advise and prompt customers on the agreed upon sales goals.

Leading Path’s Rebate Management System

Allows commercial card issuers to manage all facets of the Rebate Program. Drive client spend and increase bank revenue with real time client health checks, including spend to date, tier status and rebate status.

Features and Benefits

Our software manages the full Rebates lifecycle, from Customer Data ingestion, Rebates setup, Transaction ingestion, Rebates Calculations and Payments.

Rebates vs Our Competitors

Build for the TSYS processor
Built for commercial card
Auto Data Ingestion
Cloud Ready
Payment Reporting
ACH Payments
Document Upload

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