TSYS Accounts and Builds

Leading Path leverages an Agile implementation methodology that utilizes automation to increase productivity and accuracy whilst decreasing implementation time and manual error. Our multi-discipline team leverages development resources to automate and solve complex problems. Our Mission is to create customized automation scripts around your company’s processes to increase efficiency.

Industry Challenges

Legacy BAU Implementation Process


Significant costs in time and resources to perform repetitive and manual tasks.

Execution Time

Months to implement a new program


Manual updates and tasks result in errors and mistakes.


Reporting Delays

Reliant on other departments for reports, which can take days to compile.

Business Drivers

Our client required a more robust online tool with improved reporting, card management, and cost allocation capabilities. With any big change is a transitional period that requires training and documentation that eases clients into the new space with minimum difficulty.

Our Solutions

We create customized automation scripts around your company’s processes to increase efficiency.

  • Strategy: Implemented a complete end-to-end process for migrating clients into the TSYS2 platform

  • Customization: Designed input templates for clients to customize their program structure and builds.

  • Maintenance: Developed tool kits to automate bulk change requests and configuration updates in TSYS and Smart Data


An accelerator is a tool or process that helps us increase delivery speed, reduce costs and improve quality for our client.

  • TSYS ADM – Speeding up the process of building company programs via customized build templates. Capabilities include: Super Corps, Corps (Billing Accounts), Hierarchy Creation, Cardholder Loads
  • TSYS Green Screen – Capabilities include: Real Time Maintenance, MCCG Creation, Program Administrator, Creation, Card Re-Issues

  • Card Implementation Tools – Capabilities include: Real Time Maintenance, Company Configuration Setups, Program Administrator Creation, File Feed Setup.

TSYS Accelerators

Our tools and process create better and faster implementation and conversion.


Automation Saves Cost

Automation scripts perform bulk maintenance in a fraction of time saving costs.

Execution Time

From months to weeks to implement a new program with automation.

Reduced Errors

Reducing errors by over 80% with automation and validation scripts that can be consistently re-used.

Real-time Reporting

Data scraping scripts to obtain real-time data for immediate analysis.