Ten years in and we are looking at the challenges ahead. Naturally, it causes us to reflect on how far we have come. At the same time, our clients’ needs, and the wellbeing of our employees require decisive action. So, we respond as we always have; with empathy, agility, a bit of creativity, and commitment.

Our History

The world changes and we wonder what does it take to sustain a company that, at its core, was designed to meet these challenges while creating a stimulating environment for our people? That is the question we asked ourselves when we started Leading Path. This constructive tension informs our priorities. The founders gained significant experience delivering client solutions while working for “The Big 5” consulting firms. Natural entrepreneurs, we created a space where we built something new, different. This is how Leading Path started. We retain our entrepreneurial spirit despite significant growth. We remain committed to curiosity. We are naturally scrappy and hungry. As the world continues to change and evolve, we continue to show up – as always – ready to win.

Our Culture

Our collaborative hive is diverse, empathetic, and spun up in dreaming and doing. We are pragmatists, flexible, decisive, and driven to surprise and over deliver. We work hard and play big. We are family.

“You aren’t only doing your job, you are becoming a better person – learning, growing, and giving back.”

Candice Hall, Leading Path

We are Diverse

Diversity is the core tenant of our company.

People of Color
People of Color Leadership

Our Leadership Team

We are grateful for the years together and know the next decade will be even better and stronger.
Collectively, we are shepherds of the Leading Path values.

Marlon Boxe
Marlon BoxeCEO
Michael Gilbert
Michael GilbertCOO
Rouba Alkadi
Rouba Alkadi CTO

Our Values


The principles of the agile movement continue to resonate. In fact, more than ever. Relationships, authenticity, collaboration, and responsiveness matter.


We never shoot from the hip or are paralyzed by information. We strike a balance. Experience lets us do this quickly.


We deeply believe in co-creating solutions with our clients at all levels of the organization.


We start with big ideas. We believe that creativity requires parameters. This is how we get to what’s possible and new.


We are service oriented.  It is in our DNA.


We walk a mile in your shoes.

Our Footprint

Our Awards and Certificates

We Celebrate Our Success

We measure our progress by the way and manner we commemorate our people.
Every year, when the weather is warm, we bring our families together, leave work behind and enjoy our hard work and achievements.

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