Leading Path partners have more than 20 years inside the nation’s largest MVPDs, inside the research and test labs, out in the field, inside the operations supporting converged connectivity from the beginning. We work with you to leverage our networks, staffing specialists, consultants and get you the teams you need to be successful.

Cable operators have a growing mobile customer base in their bundled broadband packages that now amounts to millions of mobile subscribers.  This current mobile bundle is thanks to their MVNO wholesale partnership.  Moving forward, operators can use eSIM technology to push customers’ mobile traffic from an MVNO’s mobile network and onto their own CBRS spectrum where it makes sense and save billions.  Wireless is critical to their broader connectivity convergence strategy.  Cable operators have a structural advantage in being able to offer gigabit wireless everywhere thanks to their massive wireline footprint and being able to marry it up and provide that single converged product.  Mobile, IoT, MVNO, CBRS, Cable, ISP, wired & wireless broadband.


Business Drivers

TV across traditional and next gen IP must be available everywhere and always on. With everything from FAST to paid linear TV subscriptions, your customers want TV on their terms and available whenever and wherever they are. Out of home, in the living room, on every device with a screen. Web, mobile, connected TVs, set top boxes, streaming platforms you name it, it’s everywhere and always on.

Million devices connected to one carrier’s network
Of traffic on Tier 1 cable mobile phones is over Wi-Fi
Different Spectrum Mobile Network Components

Largest most power scalable networks on the planet

Advanced Wi-Fi sold across 100% of a large cable footprint

Includes In-home Wi-Fi access points, Out-of-home access points, Partner MVNO network, Licensed + Unlicensed CBRS networks

Our Experience

Wireless Cable Wi-Fi Access Engineering, Dual SIM, eSIM, WiFi6/802.11ax (4 fold capacity increase over existing Wifi), 6Ghz Wi-Fi 6E, Home as a Hotspot, Business as a Hotspot, WiFi Provision & Auto Connect Management, MDU Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Connectivity Platform Cloud, Wi-Fi CPE, WiFi First, Hotspot 2.0, Access Point Steering/Band-steering, ATSSS

Consulting. Staffing. Expertise

Our Mission is to fulfill wireless needs by bringing staff and consulting expertise to Charter & Comcast and their key joint ventures.

Our Solutions

  • Wireless Engineering

  • Wireless Access QA & Test Automation

  • MVNO Connection Server QA

  • Mobile devices QA

  • Wireless Access Engineering

  • Wi-Fi 6, Wi-Fi 6E, Wi-Fi 7 engineering

  • QA Test of your ATSSS (Access Traffic Steering Switching Steering) vendors


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Ren Morrisey

SVP Cable High Tech


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