Media & Communication

MSO Access Network – Distributed Access Architecture (DAA)

Over the last decade, Internet traffic has grown at unprecedented rates. Networks are in a constant state of rebuild to keep pace with demand. With the continuous creation of new and innovative ways to consume content, this growth trend shows no sign of slowing down. Multiple Service Operators (MSOs) have had a significant speed and flexibility advantage over the traditional telecommunications companies for many years due to the robust nature of Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) Networks. While these networks continue to provide a quality customer experience (and will likely continue for many years to come), there is a need [...]

Consultants Available

We have some of the industry best MVPD consultants and contractors available for your 2023 program and project success.  Our substantial industry focus on the three major cable operators, their key JVs, and their most important programs allows us to find and focus on bringing our best industry SMEs, Product Managers, Project Managers, Software Developers, Architects, System Integration and QA Test, TechOps, and Market Launch personnel. Our Mission is to fulfill your project needs for your success.  Leading Path partners have more than 20 years apart of the nation's largest MVPDs, inside the research and test labs, out [...]

TV Advanced Advertising

Advanced Advertising has reached scale! Each device in the household is soon fully addressable. Applying applicable audience insights and tying them to individual IP addresses for each household device offers unprecedented targeting. Addressable and DAI for Linear, VOD, and IP Live within the MVPD systems requires knowledgeable advanced advertising engineers, product managers, QA/System Integrators, AdOps, architects, software developers, data analysts, and more. But where do MVPDs get such resources to be successful? Welcome to Leading Path! Our Mission is to fulfill these needs by bringing staff and consulting expertise to the operators and their key joint ventures. Leading [...]

TV Video IP & QAM Legacy

MPVD large scale video operations management for IP video and legacy video platforms. Maintaining a platform the size of the nations largest operators is no easy feat, requiring a wealth of knowledge, staff, resources, supplier professional services, and expertise. Leading Path can help, for over 17 years we have been supporting with video engineering, VOD, CDN, edge QAM, Switched Digital Video testing and operations engineers for three of the largest North American MVPDs to ensure their systems perform at scale. Making efficient use of rack space, power, and cooling, while ensuring a nation-wide operating plant serving tens of millions [...]


Cable operators have a growing mobile customer base in their bundled broadband packages that now amounts to millions of mobile subscribers.  This current mobile bundle is thanks to their MVNO wholesale partnership.  Moving forward, operators can use eSIM technology to push customers' mobile traffic from an MVNO's mobile network and onto their own CBRS spectrum where it makes sense and save billions.  Wireless is critical to their broader connectivity convergence strategy.  Cable operators have a structural advantage in being able to offer gigabit wireless everywhere thanks to their massive wireline footprint and being able to marry it up and [...]

Big Data Solutions

Provide  cost efficient solution by using strategic planning and advanced technology. Our Mission is to move the client from current understanding of big data to new understanding of big data. Business Drivers Improve customer satisfaction with their CPE experience. Increased accuracy of CPE issue detection. Raise awareness of customer connectivity status to operations teams. Our Solutions Define data quality improvements via Master Data Management like strategy. Collect and curate telemetry data from 40M devices in a near-real-time interval and present it to [...]