Companies workforces are changing at an unprecedented pace. Gig workers, millennials (gen Y), zoomers (gen Z) and even boomers who refuse to retire are looking looking for new ways to apply their their talents and experience to the workplace.

Leading Path has deep experience helping companies transform their workforces to better align to their culture, business cycles, regulatory and competitive environment, changing customer and employee expectations and technology as well as support future products and services.

Our Mission is to build workforces that work… today!

Workforce Trends

Job Mobility
0 yrs

At 4%, everyone who wants a job, has a job , everything else is a side

43% of millennials plan to leave their current job within two years

In the last 10 years non traditional competitors (Uber, Amazon Warehouses, Chick fil A) have increased .

Business Drivers

Our Solutions

Leading Path was engaged to lead a ground-up workforce transformation effort to redesign our client’s US/CAN hourly workforce model.

For 90 years our client deployed the same hourly staffing model with only incremental changes.

When we engaged, a typical hotel had 90% full-time associates, working in 60 unique job codes and was highly dependent on contract.a


An accelerator is a tool or process that helps us increase delivery speed, reduce costs and improve quality for our client.


Gamified the organizational design process, allowing hotel leaders to create a best-fit design

Cloud Sourcing

Created an associate workforce made up of on-demand workers for market-based deployment


Developed dashboards and reports to set targets and track hotel designs, adoption and results


Job Codes
Part Time Staffing

700+ hotels across 20+ brands now use the new model; This has led to deployment in 4 other continents

Went from 6000+ unique hourly job codes to 15 integrated jobs (iJobs) impacting 80% of the hourly workforce

Improved from 10% part-time staffing to 20% and implemented a new on-demand market-based workforce