Over the last decade, Internet traffic has grown at unprecedented rates. Networks are in a constant state of rebuild to keep pace with demand. With the continuous creation of new and innovative ways to consume content, this growth trend shows no sign of slowing down. Multiple Service Operators (MSOs) have had a significant speed and flexibility advantage over the traditional telecommunications companies for many years due to the robust nature of Hybrid Fiber Coaxial (HFC) Networks. While these networks continue to provide a quality customer experience (and will likely continue for many years to come), there is a need to evaluate next generation architectures to ensure the customer access networks can continue to grow for many more years to come.

Remote MACPHY (R-MACPHY) is an HFC technology that leverages digital ethernet fiber connectivity directly to the node. In an R-MACPHY topology, the Edge QAM (PHY) as well as the DOCSIS scheduler (MAC) reside inside of the node, increasing RF forward and return signal and MER over traditional analog RF optical links, by pushing this functionality into the field, closer to the customer.

Remote OLT (ROLT) is an EPON technology that also leverages digital ethernet fiber connectivity directly to the node. In an ROLT topology, the MAC and PHY of the OLT device resides inside of the node, decreasing the fiber distance to the customer while allowing for greater distance between the OLT and the northbound router.

But where do MSOs get great labor resources to augment their engineering employee teams when so many different product company professional service offices are spread across multiple MSO accounts and don’t always give the Priority 1 focus the MSO needs to meet their deadlines?  Welcome to Leading Path!  We bring you the right resources who seamlessly fit inside your engineering teams working together side-by-side keeping 100% focus on your system integration, your QA, your timeline needs to make you successful!

Our Mission is to fulfill these needs by bringing staff and consulting expertise to the operators and their key joint ventures. Leading Path partners have more than 20 years inside the nation’s largest MVPDs, inside the research and test labs, out in the field, part of the inter-ops, inside the operations supporting from the beginning. We work with you to leverage our networks, staffing specialists, consultants and get you the teams you need to be successful. Historically we have been part of some of the largest MSO developments performing QA & test engineering, field trial and staff augmentation of some of the industries most important industry initiatives. Our expertise comes from the inside-out, deeply focused on supporting the MSO.

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  • Senior Cable Project Managers

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  • Cable SMEs

  • Senior Network Engineers

  • ISP Engineers

  • OSP Engineers

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  • DOCSIS 3.1 Modem Testing

  • Increased Upstream Bandwidth with High Split technology

  • High Split Home Interference Identification Tool

  • CBR8 R-PHY

  • Commscope E6000 R-PHY

  • Casa C100G R-PHY core and RPD interoperability

  • Gainspeed R-MAC/PHY

  • ISP / OSP MTTR reduction

  • Interoperability modeling across all platforms

  • Measured DAA changes to the plant, operations process, and Customer Experience, identifying pain points

  • Prostream X configuration and implementation


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