ATMs, Cable Set Tops, Modems and Windows Device

Our Mission is to help Fortune 200 companies, across multiple industries, develop strategies to deploy and manage their devices, bringing cutting edge practices and experience to the conversation.


Our cross industry device management experience allows our clients to realize significant efficiencies improvement in time and cost related to large scale deployment, management and testing across a range of devices.

Strategic Leadership in Financial Services

Cynthia Trautz, Financial Services Innovation Expertise

Cynthia Trautz is a member of the financial services leadership team at Leading Path. Cindy brings more than three decades of experience delivering strategies to advance bank operations and program successes. Her specialty is thinking creatively and driving innovation in the consumer and commercial spaces.

Cynthia has provided strategic vision and innovative solutions in a number of financial services disciplines, including:
  • Responsibility for ATM operations and maintenance

  • Spearheading the introduction of electronic bill payment through Microsoft Money for a leading card association

  • Creation of the first brand-agnostic global data repository, innovative approach to data management

  • Delivering thought leadership on the use of virtual payment platforms

  • Collaborating a forward-thinking strategy for use of cash alternatives aboard ships for the US Department of the Navy (ATM Like/Physical device deployment)

Our Case Studies

In-Home Wireless Device Management Large US Cable & Media Provider

Roles: Thought Leadership (Product Development) & Implementation Support

Leading Path was engaged to bring in consultants with Industry experience and Technical Acumen to help develop the strategy and requirements for the a new approach to firmware upgrades and management of customer devices in the field.  In addition, Leading Path also supported the deployment of the solution to the field and worked with the business, operations and engineering teams to test and rollout the solution.

Business Drivers


  • Paradigm Shift:  Devices checked in with the release server and pulled the new releases vs traditional push method, added periodic reboots to load balance the network traffic and pulled aggregate performance data from randomized devices vs single device logs

  • Telemetry:  Additional logging (processes and health checks) were added to the device, these created insight into the history of releases and associated “health”

  • Continuous Improvement:  Incorporated periodic Quality Meetings with representative from Business, Ops and Engineering teams to review firmware release and device health metrics



Decreased time to rollout releases from months to a week

Proactive vs Reactive

Addressed issues quickly and device uptime improved, overall customer satisfaction improved and calls / tickets decreased significantly saving time and money

Improved Customer Experience

Decreased time to rollout releases from months to a week

Windows Migration Government Agency

Roles: Technical Strategy, Project Management

Leading Path was engaged to lead a Windows Migration across all desktops. The effort involved analyzing the current Windows landscape, including hardware and software utilized by the agency to conduct a feasibility analysis of the new Windows version.

Leading Path made technical recommendations on the new hardware and software necessary to meet the business needs of the user base; and project managed a successful Windows Migration.

Business Drivers


  • Planning: Worked with Microsoft on best practices regarding Migrations, including overall project plan and migration approach.

  • Test: Set up a test lab, to understand Migration on current application infrastructure.

  • Financial Services:  Extensive Financial Services experience, combined with Windows Migration experience.


Application Compatibility

Successful testing and quality assurance of existing Windows applications and device drivers


750+ deployments of Windows images, in phases, to the employee base.

New Features

Introduced and rollout USB device security software, along with Windows rollout.


An accelerator is a tool or process that helps us increase delivery speed, reduce costs and improve quality for our client.

Innovative Approach

Solution was achieved using a combination of industry experts and innovative technologist.  Added “war games” to simulate failure points in the systems & networks

Strategic Partnerships

Our partnership with world leading devices software management vendors allows us to provide best in class e2e solutions to our clients

Training and Transition

Trained field, care and operations teams on the solution and transitioned Quality Meetings to client

Root Cause

Able to identify root cause of issues using Telemetry and correlation to calls / trouble tickets in realtime

Financial Services

Extensive Financial Services experience, combined with Windows Migration experience.

Windows Migration Experience

In house Windows Migration experience and methodologies.


Migration methodology; including project plans, gap analysis, software feasibility and rollout approaches.;

ATM Virtualization

Our unique partnership with Paragon, industry leader in ATM virtualization, allows our clients to realize significant efficiencies improvement in time and cost related to large scale testing of ATM devices.