Cloud Sourcing is an Uber-like on demand workforce comprised of hourly associates that can be deployed when and where they’re needed most

Our Mission is to help companies unlock the power of a flexible internal workforce.

Workforce Trends

Gig Economy

Everyone who wants a job has a job, everything else is a side hustle.

57 million US workers are currently part of the gig economy.

Millennials are active participants in the gig economy.

Business Drivers

Our Solution

Our solution is designed from the ground up for companies looking to build a flexible workforce made entirely of their own employees. This is different from on-demand solutions where resources are provided as contract labor.

People are placing increased value on having a flexible schedule. Cloud Sourcing helps companies attract new sources of talent and build an on-demand workforce that can be deployed when and where they’re needed most.

What We Provide

We provide organizations with an alternative sourcing strategy to manage natural business cycles and address unplanned changes in demand. Offer a way to reduce companies’ exposure to co employment risk and regulatory changes. Provide a flexible workforce that offers the same high level of quality and consistency companies’ get from their own associates.
We offer an end -to-end custom solution that best fits your organization’s unique needs.

Our Case Study

Global Hospitality Leader

Our client was experiencing a scarcity in hourly talent at their US managed hotels. Rather than competing with their industry competitors and contract labor suppliers, our client chose to tap into the flourishing gig economy to attract and retain a part-time workforce. This on-demand workforce would be hired as associates, receiving our client’s world class training and travel benefits. – an increasingly essential element to their overall workforce strategy.


An accelerator is a tool or process that helps us increase delivery speed, reduce costs and improve quality for our client.

Business Case Simulators

Flexible simulator used to calculate ROI based on market, job type and other key factors

Optimization Dashboard

Monitors key
metrics such as time to train and average
weekly hours worked

Critical Path Calculator

Adjustable deployment planner listing timing of key implementation activities


Qualified Applicants

Deployed to Atlanta, Denver, Seattle and Phoenix with plans to rollout to 20+ US markets through 2021

Deployed to 72 properties across all brands including full service luxury and resort hotels

Developed customized sourcing strategies and messaging that resulted in an average increase of 75 qualified applicants per job posting (average of 15 to 100)