Operational intelligence through big data analytics delivers real-time, tactical and strategic visibility into your business data to promote accurate decisions and rapid actions in response to recurring business events.

Our Mission is to enable data-driven proactive management of your business

Client’s Challenge

0+ days
Cycle Time

Business Drivers

Our Solution

Designed and implemented a lean model, tools and approach. Identified and implemented risk controls and action plans along with continuous improvement and governance.   Transformed the project management campaign approach to an end to end process approach.

What We Provide

We provide a lean modeling and agile approach to managing campaigns.  We use a role based system to manage tasks.

Our Case Study

Financial Service Leader

Client brought their consumer card business and operations back in-house 1 ½ years prior to engaging Leading Path.  We increased revenue by running more campaigns with multiple offers across a variety of channels


An accelerator is a tool or process that helps us increase delivery speed, reduce costs and improve quality for our client.

Lean Model

Human scale model of a lean campaign management process used to  align stakeholder and optimize workflow

Campaign Board

Turns the lean model into an interactive and fluid process flow leveraging Trello’s Agile online tool

Risk Control Matrix

Detailed risk control and action plan and dashboard linked to the campaign management lean model


0 days
Cycle Time

Campaign cycles went from 120+ days to a consistent 60 days allowing for 6 vs. 3 campaigns per year

Offers & Channels

Increased from 1 offer using direct mail to multiple more complex offers across multiple channels

Annual Net Profit

Realized annual net profits of $9.6MM from the additional campaigns, enhanced offerings and new channels

“Finally, and most importantly, thank you for you and your team’s outstanding work.  In my 35 odd years in banking I have never met a greater group of consultants–the partnership was great; the people were great and the product was great.  You all exceed my expectations in every category.

Rocky Steenburgh , SunTrust, Senior VP, Consumer Lending Performance Management

“Leading Path played a critical role in helping us create a process to efficiently review and act on large amounts of data that were constantly changing. They were a critical part of the project success.”

Vice President, Leading Path Client

“I have never met a greater group of consultants–the partnership was great, the people were great and the product was great. You all exceeded my expectations in every category.”

Senior Vice President, Leading Path Client

“Leading Path has been instrumental in our success, leveraging their Industry Expertise and Technical Capabilities has helped us to build, grow and sustain our business model.”

Senior Executive, Leading Path Client