Project Description

Leading Path was engaged to perform ATM testing for a Major Global Bank. The Leading Path team created test scripts, procedures and solutions which included both automated and manual testing; to meet the client need.

Business Drivers

Our Solutions

We worked with business owners to design testing approach and ensure test scope met desired outcomes.

For the implementation we used a combination of manual ATM testing at physical devices, along with ATM transaction validation in an automated fashion to test.


An accelerator is a tool or process that helps us increase delivery speed, reduce costs and improve quality for our client.

Test Scripts

A suite of test cases that captures business uses cases for ATM usages.

Test Automation

An approach to testing ATM utilizing virtualization software to increase test coverage and throughput.


Due to the new testing methods the client’s deployment improved and they rolled out card usage successfully across the ATM network.¬† The testing solution improved quality.¬† It reduced¬†production and post live issues by finding and remediating both configuration and transactional issues.

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